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Jojoba Dvir Oil 100ml


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DVIR + Jojoba Oil – Skincare Oil

The biblical persimmon oil (myrrh) and frankincense based on olive oil, plus jojoba.
An oil for daily cosmetic use, applied to all parts of the body. For external use only.
The oil is rich in omega 9 and vitamin E which are essential for skin regeneration and maintaining the elasticity and softness of the skin.
Produced from the persimmon plant and the frankincense plant
Grown in the Dead Sea area in the hot sun.
The natural oil is produced in a unique process from the plant parts
And contains only natural ingredients.
DVIR oil is suitable for a wide range of external uses
For unlimited daily use.

Contains: 100 ml

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“Dvir Oil” – a health wonder from ancient sources
The ancient secret of producing the world’s most sought-after biblical oil!
This is one of the most amazing stories that has happened in Israel in recent years.

We have all heard of the Incense Trade Route, and know that in ancient times the Land of Israel was the main route for caravans carrying precious and unique incense, oils, and raw materials on their journey from Africa and Asia to Europe.

What not all of us know is that one of the most precious and rare oils at that time, was used by the high priest as part of the incense components that were lit daily in the Temple’s Holy of Holies – the Dvir.
This unique oil, extracted from the ancient shrub listed in the sources as the “Biblical Persimmon”, (not related to the Persimmon tree with the orange fruit we know today) is considered to be the most prestigious oil of all, and in addition to its use for sacramental services, it was also used for medical treatment. Moreover, even Maimonides mentions it as an extraordinary healing oil in its good qualities: Persimmon oil and the like require the blessing “… who created pleasant oil (Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, Sefer Ahavah, Halachot Brachot, Chapter 9)

The biblical Persimmon is mentioned in the Bible more than 150 times in addition to references from many other sources worldwide. The oil extracted from the Persimmon was equivalent to gold, and is considered to be the most prestigious product of the Kingdom of Judah during the Second Temple period. It was sold on all the markets of the Roman Empire, and was used both for the preparation of the prestigious scent that was the hallmark of the ancient aristocracy, as well as for medicinal purposes, disinfection and incense burning.

Persimmon oil, mixed with other medicinal oils such as Myrrh and Olibanum, was continuously used for sacramental purposes and in medicine for over 1500 years, until its traces disappeared with the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah.
The fact that the biblical Persimmon oil disappeared along with the Torah ark, perhaps indicates the immense importance of the oil. The Sages (Chazal) imply that the secret of making Persimmon oil, hence the incense of the Temple, deliberately disappeared for fear of violating their sanctity and to avoid the secret of their preparation to fall into the hands of the Romans. Indeed, ever since, the oil has disappeared from the world and the secret of its preparation has been shelved.

At this point in history the story of the vanishing wonder oil takes a fascinating turn.
The search for the biblical Persimmon oil has been going on for centuries without much success. Recently there has been a scientific breakthrough that led to the identification of the biblical Persimmon shrub with the “Balm of Gilead” (Commiphora Giladensis).
It was indeed a groundbreaking discovery, but still none of the scholars were able to crack the lost formula of the original biblical oil.

But then it happened.

Three childhood friends in their 50’s from Kibbutz Hazorea and Kibbutz Yagur, with a strong bond to the land and agriculture, have decided that in order to crack the secret of the original formula, they must think outside the box.
While all the researchers focused on the resin of the plant, they realized that the secret is in combining the resin with other parts of the plant. They took the small fruits of the “Balm of Gilead” and began a series of experiments combining the extraction of the fruit with the resin.

After numerous attempts and academic collaboration, the three achieved the right compound that includes the fruit and resin of the “Balm of Gilead” (Commiphora Giladensis) together with “The Holy Olibanum” (Boswellia Sacra) and managed to produce an oil that meets exactly the definitions of the biblical Persimmon oil.

The ancient secret recipe was successfully restored, and they gave the oil its name – “Dvir.”

The rumor about the “Dvir” oil initially spread by word of mouth and many contacted them to try it on a variety of medical issues they or their relatives suffered from.

The responses were amazing!
It turned out that the oil components, which contain a wide range of herbal compounds, including tannins, flavonoids, and carotenoids, do indeed have a beneficial effect on health and relieve a wide range of symptoms and problems.

The effectiveness of the Persimmon “Dvir” oil was so high that the three members decided it was time to make it accessible to the general public..
They established a company called “Biblical Lands Ltd.”, planted extensive orchards at the Dead Sea (Ein Gedi) and the Gilad (Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu) – the original growing areas of the biblical Persimmon They grow and produce the oil with the approval of the Ministry of Health, while keeping the secret formula to themselves.

Success was not long in coming!

The demand for “Dvir” oil is growing day by day, and its users report significant and rapid relief in a variety of problems such as psoriasis and seborrhea, nail fungus, arthritis, gingivitis, respiratory problems, strengthening the immune system and more.

Indeed, a health wonder from ancient sources.

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Weight120 g
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