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Trio Hair & Beard Oil – 100ml —- LIMITED STOCK LEFT !!! ORDER NOW !!!


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A combination of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Olive Oil to keep your hair and beard in perfect condition and care for the skin beneath it.

  • – Keeps whiskers soft and healthy-looking
  • – Helps to manage any skin inflammation or dryness beneath the beard.
  • – Regulates your skins natural oil production for those with oil-prone skin.
  • – Reduces and soothes shaving rash
  • – Shape and groom your hair and beard without the need for waxes and heavier oils.


How to use: Just rub a little jojoba oil between your hands and apply thoroughly to your  hair. beard and moustache after cleansing (see Beard Cleanser). Reapply as frequently as necessary.


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Do Something Nice for Your Beard

The hair that men grow on their face is different from the hair that grows from the scalp or elsewhere else on the body. For a start, the hair of beards and moustaches tends to be thicker and ofter wirier than head hair. The hormone testosterone, which triggers the growth of facial whiskers, can also affect the shape of the hair follicles which causes the facial hair to be more curly and unruly. This explains why even men with straight hair can grow bushy, curly beards.

The skin under beards is also different from the scalp. It secretes less oil. So a shampoo that’s ideal for your head, will be too harsh and drying to use on your beard and cause dry and flaking skin under the whiskers. Like facial dandruff.

This Beard Oil from Jojoba Hatzerim is made from a perfect ratio of  Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Olive Oil. The combination of the nutrients and properties in these botanical oils will hydrate and feed the strands of hair, the hair follicles and the skin. The beard will feel softer, silkier, tangle-free and easier to shape. And the skin beneath it will be healthy and itch-free.



Jojoba Oil is non-irritating and hypoallergenic.  Allergic and adverse reactions are very rare.

Olive Oil and Argan Oil are also hypoallergenic and adverse reactions are rare.

Argan Oil can occasionally cause skin irritation to people with severe nut allergies. If in doubt, test the oil on a small hidden patch of skin first.



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