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Aromatic Jojoba with Essential Oil – Full Kit


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Size: 10ml x 6

A set of 6 aromatics made with 100% pure Jojoba Oil grown in the Negev Desert blended with essential oils.

Mint: Stimulating and uplifting. It can be useful when you need to concentrate and think clearly. It can also help relieve headaches, congested sinuses and nausea.

Bergamot: Fresh and citrusy is used in aromatherapy as an antidepressant, especially during times of mental stress, sadness, despondency and lack of appetite.

Lavender: Calm, balance and composure. It is recommended for periods of tension and restlessness to improve sleep and relaxation.

Lemongrass: Stimulating and reviving. Its the ideal aroma for focus and a clear mind. Use a few drops when travelling to minimize the effects of jet lag.

Orange: Warmth and joy. Surround yourself with this aroma during periods of anxiety or when coping with pain.

Geranium: Recommended for workaholics and those feeling discontent or insecure.

  • – 100% pure botanical oils
  • – Not tested on animals
  • – Vegan
  • – Alcohol-free
  • – Shelf-stable: Up to 3 years


How to Use:

Rub a few drops of Aromatic Jojoba Oil on your fingers and dab onto pulse points on the temples, neck and wrists. Use it alone or in combination with other aromatic oils to create your own unique fragrance profile.

When used in their pure form, essential oils can cause skin irritation. Here it has been diluted to the correct ratio with jojoba oil and is unlikely to cause any adverse reaction.


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Aromatic Jojoba Oils are the natural way to wear a personal fragrance.

The pure cosmetic-grade jojoba oil from the Negev Desert is renown for its lighter colour and aroma.  It is an ideal carrier oil that is highly stable and doesn’t interfere with the scent or efficacy of essential oils. The jojoba oil is absorbed into the skin and releases the subtle fragrance slowly throughout the day.

Guided by the principles of aromatherapy, use the Aromatic Jojoba Oil to balance moods and emotions, and bring a sense of well-being.

You can apply the different aromas individually, or make your own combinations to create a personalised fragrance.


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