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  • Mint & Jojoba Oil Soap Bar – 100gm
    Mint is not just a powerful antioxidant, the active ingredient of the mint plant, methanol, is an organic compound that when applied to your skin has mild and pleasant nerve effect. It creates a stimulating and anti-irritant effect, which helps to soothe the skin, helps relieve sunburn and muscle pain.The organic compound of methanol also slightly increases the sensitivity to cold (such as taking a breath after a mint) and creates a truly refreshing feeling.Mint & Jojoba Oil Soap Bar - 100gm
    • - High quality Jojoba Oil meeting the highest world quality standards
    • - Naturally rich in Vitamins A, D and E to regenerate the skin
    • - Essential fatty acids - Omega 6 and Omega 9
    • - Not tested on animals
    • - Hypoallergenic
    • - Suitable for any person, any age and any external use on skin
    Our soap bars are not only healthy for your skin, they also smell great, feel great on your skin making you feel rejuvenated and wonderful.  Delivery  $12 | Australia Wide 

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