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  • Trio Hair & Beard Oil – 100ml —- LIMITED STOCK LEFT !!! ORDER NOW !!!
    A combination of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Olive Oil to keep your hair and beard in perfect condition and care for the skin beneath it.
    • - Keeps whiskers soft and healthy-looking
    • - Helps to manage any skin inflammation or dryness beneath the beard.
    • - Regulates your skins natural oil production for those with oil-prone skin.
    • - Reduces and soothes shaving rash
    • - Shape and groom your hair and beard without the need for waxes and heavier oils.
     How to use: Just rub a little jojoba oil between your hands and apply thoroughly to your  hair. beard and moustache after cleansing (see Beard Cleanser). Reapply as frequently as necessary. Free Delivery | 20km within Melbourne$15 Delivery | Australia Wide